Complete Network Management & Compliance

Complete Network Management, Cyber Security & Compliance

It’s time to know if your network is secure.

Stopping Information Leaks

Today’s networks are globally connected. Private information, financial data, and intellectual property belonging not only to the business, but its clients and partners as well, are globally exposed. Due to this, attacks happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The attacks are automated from all points on the globe. They grow more sophisticated, evolve daily, and their frequency grows exponentially.

The tools and expertise to combat these threats are costly, and generally are not accessible to midsize and small business. This directly translates to these businesses carrying the highest level of risk, with the least oversight and the fewest tools to defend themselves.

Right now any network that does not have a comprehensive threat management program is at some stage of being exploited.

The Solution

The Problem is simple.  In todays world cyber threats are real.  However the expertise required to mitigate them is costly and compliance needs are onerous.  Our custom automated electronic platforms and networks are tailored to your business’ compliance and security needs.  From large multisite businesses to smaller single site offices Sandpiper delivers to you peace of mind by knowing that your company is safe from both internal and external cyber threats. It’s time to know.

We even the Network playing field

We secure your network, by stopping information leaks from the outside in, and more importantly, from the inside out.