eXtant Medical Image Archival

The eXtant Solution

The Comprehensive Medical & Healthcare Imaging Archival Management Solution


The eXtant imaging solution addresses complex PACS, DICOM, CIS & RIS medical & healthcare requirements.  eXtant is a scalable, user-friendly, fast, modular and affordable PACS image archive.

eXtant is designed to work as the heart of a PACS (Patient Archive and Communication System), as well as a central repository for radiology and medical DICOM images and objects.

Built with a philosophy that encompasses a simple, yet practical design, eXtantial has created a product with capabilities and features that exceed those of many other leading PACS servers, but is available at a fraction of the cost. Its affordable pricing model makes it perfect as a starting point for small to medium-size facilities trying to move to a digital environment.

eXtant is remarkably easy to deploy and maintain within any IT environment and provides an ideal way of reducing ongoing PACS administration costs. It is simple to learn, install, configure, to use and to service.

Key Features

  • Scalability
  • eXtant can be load-balanced or clustered using Microsoft Windows Network Load Balancing and Microsoft Windows Clustering Services.
  • Redundancy
    • eXtant can be clustered using Microsoft Clustering Services.
    • Database
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2010 or 2012
    • Data format
      • All data is stored on a file system location in DICOM format. Proprietary formats are never used
    • DICOM Objects
      • Support for all storage SOP classes defined in the DICOM 2008 updated standard.
  • DICOM tags
    • eXtant is a Type 2 Server, meaning it will store all private tags created by other applications as-is, and thus maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • DICOM Media
    • Data can be directly imported from DICOM removeable media. Images can also be exported directly from the server to DICOM removable media.
  • Compression
    • Support for lossy and lossless JPEG and JPEG2000 images, as well as support for uncompressed images. eXtant support will automatically convert the compression format of images if the modality retrieving the images does not support the compression type in which they were stored.
  • Access Control
    • eXtant can be set to verify AE Titles, IP Addresses, and/or hostnames for connecting clients. Permissions for query/retrieve, storage, overwrite, and delete are granted per AE Title.
  • DICOM Services
    • Query/Retrieve (relational and non-relational), Storage, and Storage Commitment as Service Class Provider.
  • DICOM Conformance Statement
    • Click here to download eXtant DICOM Conformance Statement.