Sandpiper Services

Sandpiper Services

Vendor Neutral, Strategic IT Services that Focus on Your Unique Business Needs

Strategic IT Architecture & Design

Sandpiper’s architectural focused approach helps achieve the support & delivery of our customer’s IT-related services in a way that is in line with their unique business requirements. This means your IT organization becomes a competitive edge & strategic partner to your business with direct IT-Business linkage, business planning & real-time infrastructure. The architecture & migration plan must completely support your IT principles & the service levels required by the applications & other workloads that run the business processing in support of your customers.

Data Center Transition Services

Sandpiper addresses all data center transitions, including physical/virtual relocations, migration to the cloud, physical to virtual server migrations, including VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix & Xen, platform conversions, such as zOS to x86, database conversions, such as SAP to HANA or Oracle to UDB, medical imaging archive conversions, cyber-security conversions and storage subsystem migrations.

Secure Data Eradication

Sandpiper provides onsite, secure, DoD & DoE certified data eradication services to ensure all critical customer or other confidential data is wiped from the device.

These services are typically used for disk subsystems and arrays that will be returned to the vendor or for failed disk with a 95% recovery rate that allows savings based on your contract with the storage vendor in that now the disk can be returned rather than destroyed.

All vendors are supported including: IBM, HDS, EMC, HP, NetApp, 3par, Compellent/Dell, Oracle, Nutanix, etc.

All disk types are supported including: Flash, SSD, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, etc.

Cyber Security

Are you really secure?

2016-2017 Cyber Crime Costs are now projected to reach $2 Trillion per year.

Three years ago, the The Wall Street Journal estimated that the cost of cyber crime in the U.S. was approximately $100 billion. The estimate disputed other reports which pegged the numbers by as much as ten times higher – Forbes

‘Crime wave’ is an understatement when you consider the costs that businesses are suffering as a result of cyber crime. ‘Epidemic’ is more like it.

Cyber crime may be the single, greatest threat to every company in the world.

z/OS to Open Systems

Sandpiper understands the significant role the zOS mainframe legacy processors have played in IT for many years. Huge workloads, critical applications, intensive IO requirements and rock-solid availability have become just another days work for the z-systems family for over 40 years now.

However, we also understand that the costs to maintain this infrastructure as well as the dwindling supply of skills needed to support zOS continue to beg the question: “should we migrate to another platform?”.

While your initial review of the pure cost of zOS compared to the promise of cheap processing in the cloud may look attractive, can your business actually run and provide the quality of service your customers have come to expect post-migration to either inhouse, CO-LO or Cloud x86 type solutions?

Medical Imaging & Archival


eXtant PACS enables you to leverage the latest digital imaging technology, while reducing capital costs for equipment, maintenance, and personnel.


eXtant is a complete online solution for storing, viewing and distributing medical imaging studies and reports. Its web-based DICOM viewer and DICOM structured report module make it ideal for teleradiology.


The eXtant RIS system increases operational efficiency, exam revenues, insurance collections, physician referrals, and patient care while reducing human error, labor requirements, and postage costs.


eXtant MOBILE lets you capture vital patient images and video using your iPhone or other supported device. Now you can route point-of-care content into your PACS or other core systems more quickly and easily than ever before.