Where do we start?

Visualize Applications & IT Infrastructure Layers – Planning & Execution – VAiLPLEX

Built on over 20 years of data center transition experience, and used extensively by our internal consulting team to provide the controls needed to ensure a completely successful transition project, Sandpiper now offers VAiLPLEX to our customers as a licensed product.

VAiLPLEX provides the programmatic discovery, application & workload mapping, component dependency & visual move group/bundle modeling & controls needed to fully manage a complex IT transition project.

Transition Metrics

For any transition project, a variety of metrics are required. Hardware, software, physical location, virtual location, device drivers, OS levels, connectivity metrics for network and SAN, source to target mappings, ‘transition group’ refinement and ‘transition window’ definitions. And, most importantly, the business. Who is the application owner? What applications are inter-related and how? Is this a shared server supporting multiple applications or workloads? And so on….

How is IT Discovery Performed?

Do you currently rely on a traditional CMDB or DCIM tool? Those may be fine for managing hardware and rack/u locations. But Data Center Transition projects can easily span 12-36 months in duration. Your business does not stop during this timeframe. Your IT infrastructure is a moving target. CMDB/DCIM tools are not designed to assess the metrics needed for a complex transition project.

Current, verified metrics available at your fingertips at any time is crucial to making informed decisions on what will move, when, where and how. Some products attempt to perform ‘discovery’ of various IT metrics, but they generally focus only on specific operational items or the type of the infrastructure, such as network or storage. There is no comprehensive solution that was built to fully support an IT transition, and all of the related issues, considerations and decisions that must be addressed as the project progresses, from the ground up.

Until now...

VAiLPLEX was designed with complex Data Center Transition projects in mind and to reach higher and farther than traditional CMDB or DCIM tools.

VAiLPLEX is the first solution that provides all of the automated, programmatic discovery required, ingests it into a central repository that can then be dynamically melded with information on the business, workloads and processes needed to completely define and control a transition project, with interactive visual analysis, design, modeling, validation and other controls needed to execute the project without risk to the business (this is the real key to success).

Full Enterprise Support

VAiLPLEX provides full support for all IT components, platforms, hardware & software. Issues specific to only Open Systems, iSeries or Mainframe platforms can be viewed either as part of the overall plan, or can be filtered for a more specific review. Other solutions may only support Intel platforms or have some other limitations. Sandpiper understands our customers have a wide mix of vendors and our agnostic solution will better support your unique infrastructure & make-up.

Application & Component Inter-relationships

Understanding application and IT component inter-relationships, workloads, amount and time of day of chattiness, ports & protocols to better control firewall rules for isolated testing and to configure the new target environment, shared services such as LDAP, Citrix & Active Directory all must be easily understood & considered when formulating the overall transition plan & process.

We all do better with visuals rather than trying to coordinate multiple spreadsheets.  VAiLPLEX focuses on easily visualizing applications, workloads & other components and then inputs those values into the move group/bundle definition to allow modeling of the new environment as well as controlling the actual T-Zero event.

How to License VAiPLEX

Sandpiper provides this solution either as a stand-alone or set of virtual appliances or we can provide it as SaaS (‘Software as a Service’), or a subscription-based service. If you require assistance with the setup, discovery, metric ingest, configuration or management of the process, these can all be included by Sandpiper as part of your project.