Sandpiper is selected for Global Disk Eradication Services

Vail, CO. – August 18, 2013 - For Immediate Release

Sandpiper Data, the industry’s most trusted provider of vendor-neutral IT services and solutions, said today that its Data Compliance Services division has launched a global, multi-year, multi-location disk eradication project for one of the world’s largest financial services companies.

The project scope encompasses very large data centers both globally and throughout the U.S. and is designed to eradicate petabytes of data from failed and retired disk drives. Prior to the project’s initiation the customer had been physically destroying, degaussing or shredding most drives rather than risking any release of data. This service has resulted in significant savings for the customer. Sandpiper Data employs it’s proprietary, DoE and DoD compliant-certified eradication process – which it performs onsite at the customer’s data centers – to enable the customer to recover hundreds of dollars of value (per disk) from their retired or failed disk drives while eliminating the risk of data falling into the wrong hands. “In numerous engagements, including this one, we have demonstrated a rapid and substantial ROI for customers who choose our service to eradicate data rather than destroy their disk drives” said Larry Strain, Senior Director of Data Center Services at Sandpiper Data. “With this project we have proven that our process not only provides immeasurable value to our customers, but it can scale massively on an international basis.”

Sandpiper Announces VAiLPLEX Transition ‘Seed Bundle’ Analysis

Not just single servers, but ‘Transition Bundles’

Sandpiper understands that not all workloads can be reviewed, assessed & modeled on an individual, per-server basis. The ability to ‘group’ or ‘bundle’ servers together as ‘seeds’ to create the initial analysis view is a powerful way to represent & validate more of an ‘application’ or ‘lines-of-business’ perspective. For example, a full application workload may span a web server, a database server, middleware & other components, not just one server.

 To accommodate this, VAiLPLEX provides for a seed bundle definition. This can include multiple server names or IP addresses, as shown in the diagrams on this page.

Full Interactive Analysis & Modeling

All features/functions available for single server analysis are also available from a ‘seed’ perspective. Right click on the seed ‘cloud’ icon to perform these tasks. You may also ‘ungroup’ and ‘regroup’ the view interactively to allow an expanded view of the transition bundle.

For more information on the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX product, please contact us or download the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX Overview

z/OS to Open Systems

zOS to Open Systems/Cloud Migration Services

Sandpiper understands the significant role the zOS mainframe legacy processors have played in IT for many years. Huge workloads, critical applications, intensive IO requirements and rock-solid availability have become just another days work for the z-systems family for over 40 years now.

However, we also understand that the costs to maintain this infrastructure as well as the dwindling supply of skills needed to support zOS continue to beg the question: “should we migrate to another platform?”.

While your initial review of the pure cost of zOS compared to the promise of cheap processing in the cloud may look attractive, can your business actually run and provide the quality of service your customers have come to expect post-migration to either inhouse, CO-LO or Cloud x86 type solutions?


Vail, CO. – April 28, 2015 – For Immediate Release

Sandpiper Data, the most trusted provider of vendor-neutral IT services and solutions, announced that its industry-leading Data Center Transition Modeling & Visualization Solution, VAiLPLEX(tm), has been selected as the core analytical approach for DHL’s global data center relocation and transition project. DHL is the world’s largest logistics services company.

Tomas Klima, DHL’s Head of Technology Architecture, indicated that after a thorough review of various vendor’s application inter-relationship and mapping products and tools, that no other vendor provide the ease-of use, detail and breadth of analysis and modeling that the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX solution provided.

“We reviewed a lot of other competing products that all claimed to provide full application inter-relationship and component dependency mapping and all fell far short of what we saw in the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX product. We have standardized on VAiLPLEX as the cornerstone needed to address our strategic data center transition planning and modeling requirements across the globe. – Tomas Klima – Head of Technology Architecture – DHL”

For more information on the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX product, please contact us or download the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX Overview

 About DHL:

DHL is present in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, making it the most international company in the world. With a workforce exceeding 285,000 employees, DHL provides solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs.

DHL is part of the world’s leading postal and logistics Group, Deutsche Post DHL and encompasses three divisions: DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight and DHL Supply Chain.


About Sandpiper:

Sandpiper Data Systems, based in San Diego, CA, and with offices worldwide, provides strategic, complete and all-encompassing IT solutions, integration services, strategic architecture and facilities management. While the company has built a solid reputation with highly technical storage management services, Sandpiper is now a recognized leader in providing the expertise, methodologies, products and solutions required to easily navigate the entire IT enterprise. SDS was founded in 1998.