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How Sandpiper helps you avoid IT Transition Pain


Sandpiper’s innovative Strategic IT Enterprise Architecture approach has successfully developed 3-5 year Roadmaps & Landscapes for hundreds of customers world-wide resulting in millions of dollars in savings when compared to what the ‘big’ vendors would have proposed.

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Transition Techniques

IT exists to support the business. End user applications and lines-of-business downtime tolerances and inter-relationships, along with latency, performance, throughput and capacity must all be balanced with costs when determining the optimal transition technique or approach. Downtime costs you money.

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Flawless Execution

We have perfected the NASA ‘T-minus’ approach and leveraged it for data center transition projects. All setup, preparation and testing is constructed to ensure the actual T-Zero migration event and workflow is performed flawlessly and keeps all stakeholders informed at all times.

Secure Eradication

Converting to new storage? Don’t let data on your old storage subsystems walk out the door. We provide secure erasure that meets federal standards & ensures your data is not compromised.

At Sandpiper Data Systems

We focus on IT savings that improve service to your customers & lines-of-business
Significantly reduce your costs & turn IT into a competitive edge

Our staff has been published world-wide at global conferences such as Gartner, AFCOM, DR World, IBM Storage Symposium and CA Worldvwith regards to software-defined infrastructures, disaster recovery, email forensic evidence & legal compliance and application inter-relationship mappings & component dependencies in support of data center transitions or migrations

the Sandpiper Team

Vendor-Neutral Information Technology Consulting & Design Experts

Bill MacDonald

DIrector, Western Region
Bill MacDonald is known the world over as a system enterprise architect, virtualization, storage management, continuous availability, data center move and email content/archive authority. His highly technical user presentations at Gartner Group, Guide, Share, CMG, CMGA, DRJ, StorageTek Forum, IBM Storage Symposium and others

Larry Strain

Senior VP, Data Center Services
Mr. Strain leads all Sandpiper ‘physical’ data center studies, relocations & equipment moves as well as the Secure Data Eradication practice that wipes data using federal standards from devices that are to be returned to the vendor.

Steven Dunn

Senior VP, Asia/Pacific
Mr. Dunn directs Sandpiper projects in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and across SE Asia and the Pacific regions. His highly technical presentations on workload modeling and capacity planning at conferences such as Australian & New Zealand CMG have made Steven a well-known resource in the region.

Brad Bruhahn

Principle & Managing Partner
Mr. Bruhahn co-founded Sandpiper in 1999 and led the development of VAiLPLEX, an industry-leading workload & data center transition modeling solution, as well as designing strategic infrastructure and migration plans that support critical application service levels.

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